Ginlong Technologies, one of the oldest and largest string inverter manufacturers, announced today that Ginlong Solis inverters are powering the one of the world largest ground-mount utility-scale solar canopies at Shanghai Volkswagen car plant. Ginlong Solis 36kW string inverter is the Inverter of Choice for this gigantic high profile 55 MW solar canopy for 20,000 parking spaces and the size of about 20 soccer fields.


Ginlong Solis 36kW inverter is the industry’s first 4 (four) MPPT three phase string inverter products, which maximizes the energy harvest through string level power optimization and data monitoring. It has outstanding energy yield, thanks to its high efficiency (98.6% peak efficiency) and excellent low irridiation performance for long working hours. Its ultra wide DC MPPT input voltage range (200V to 800V) and unique string mismatch feature give engineers design flexibilities. It adopts the latest 1000Vdc design to reduce the balance of system cost and installation cost. In addition, It can improve the power production by effectively mitigating the adverse impact of variations of the solar panel degradation speeds on the string level power production performance. Ginlong Solis inverter is compact and light weight with NEMA 4X / IP65 enclosure that is hose down and salt spray tested for outdoor installations virtually at any sites.

Ginlong Solis string inverter solution breaks into the large ground-mount utility scale solar farm market, which is traditionally dominated by the central inverter solutions. Ginlong Solis string inverter offers the unique advantages of high power production, flexible modular design, exact power class matching, and ease of installation and maintenance. More importantly, the customers can relax with a peace of mind for their long term solar plant investments and enjoy the lowest total cost of life time ownership, thanks to Ginlong Solis outstanding reliability and performance. 

Established in 2005, Ginlong pioneered the transformer-less string inverter technology in UK. Ginlong Solis inverter is one of the first to achieve G83 UK certification. Ginlong embraced quality and reliability into its culture over its 10 years history. Ginlong Solis inverter is the first inverter which is 3rd party tested by DNV GL, the world leading engineering advisory company. “Ginlong Solis inverter is expected high reliability even in harsh environment, validated by DNV GL 3rd party testing.” Ginlong is one of few vertical integrated inverter manufacturers, from SMT production to aging testing. Hundreds of Ginlong Solis inverters are produced each day in its highly automated 40,000 square meters facility in Ningbo, China, then shipped all over the world.

As one of the world largest ground mount solar canopy projects, Shanghai Volkswagen Solar Canoply project may inspire some of car owners who had their cars once parked under this gigantic solar canopy to reach for the sky for clean renewable solar energy.



Driving in the solar farm, I was excited. It was a foggy day, the solar farm powered by Solis inverter seemed to be endless.  
Enjoy the Solis (Alice) in Wonderland video!


I was walking on the 5th Avenue in Manhattan, enjoying the display windows of famous fashion brands.  How did they establish these attractive brands?  I found the answer in the afternoon at The Metro Museum of Arts.   “Lotus” is Monet’s favorite Subject.  I came really closer to this painting, so I could see clearly each brush stroke on the cloth.  I was really amazed.  How did Monet know how to paint each stroke to create such a beautiful painting that touches my heart so deeply?

A good brand is like a good painting.  Although each stroke shapes its image, but the soul brings its life.  It does not matter whether it is a fashion cloth brand or it is a Ginlong Solis inverter.

“Solis” means “Sun”.  The inverter converts DC to AC and brings renewable clean energy to people’s life. Ginlong Solis Inverter has an warm image that irradiates light, love and energy.

The Ginlong Solis Brand image is certainly not just a piece of advertisement.  It involves 12 years persistence in the inverter R&D, rigorous challenging the status quo, benching against the world-class design and practice, and continuous improvements.

Each stroke shapes its image yet the soul comes from the “parents” who pour hearts in it. Ginlong Solis inverter brings a sense of wonder to people.  It is a different version of Silicon Valley type of story.  Started from scratch as a student, a young 35 years old entrepreneur from China is building a world-class global inverter manufacturer, overcoming many unimaginable obstacles during the journey.  Coming out of his dream, today we present the elegance and beauty of Solis inverter to the world. Ginlong has always been one of the first to enter each major solar market and build a strong brand there. One of the most famous installations is at Eiffel Tower in Paris. We accounted more than one fifth of market share in UK.  We are now a fast growing brand in the very conservative US Solar market.  Ginlong Solis inverter fills the market gap for highly reliable yet affordable PV inverter products.

I want to share a picture I took with Tara at DNV GL lab.  Two nice ladies are guarding a “dangerous” Solis inverter who is eager to get out the cage and take off.   http://www.ginlong.comDNV GL
















Ginlong is exhibiting at the largest Solar conference in UK now.   The Ginlong Solis inverter ranked at #12 on GTM 2014 Leading Inverter Venders to Europe scoreboard.  As a string Invetter manufacturer, We were compared with the other companies who are supplying central inverters to utility scale solar farms.

In UK, the market accepts all brands but only keep quality brands that delivers their brand promise. Thanks to its superior reliability, Ginlong Solis inverter attracts fans and grow market share quickly.

You can find Ginlong Solis inverters on many exhibition booths of the top solar distributors at this exhibition.

Now the question is:

Popular in UK now. Popular in US next?

If so, we will update pictures below.

UK 2015


Dublin Ohio, USA, Aug.18, 2015 – Ginlong Technologies, a world leading string inverter specialist, announces today that it will be presenting exciting inverter innovations at Solar Power International, the largest solar trade show in North America, held September 14-17, 2015 in Anaheim, CA.

Ginlong Technologies will be presenting the industry first four (4) MPPT 36kW Solis Three Phase String Inverter products, which maximizes the energy harvest through optimizing the power production at each MPPT level.  The Solis inverter has outstanding energy yields thanks to its high efficiency (98.6%) and outstanding low irradiation performance for long working hours. Its ultra-wide DC input voltage range (200V-800V) and unique string mismatch features give engineers design flexibility. It has the latest 1000Vdc design to reduce Balance of System cost and Installation Cost.  The Solis inverter is compact and light weight (less than 120 lbs). With NEMA 4X / IP65 enclosure that is hose-down and salt spray tested for outdoor installations, Solis inverters can operate reliably at virtually any site.  The Solis inverter comes with 7″ LCD display on the inverter, and remote data monitoring solutions for any project size.  Ginlong Solis 36kW three phase inverter is ideal for large complex solar installations from small solar projects to several mega watt projects, such as different roof sizes and pitches, solar module orientations, mismatched solar module strings and shading conditions.
Ginlong Technologies will also be presenting the innovative Solis 6kW and 10kW low voltage (208/220/240V) inverter, which eliminates needs for transformers for low AC voltage applications.
The Solis Single Phase Inverter 1kW to 5kW and Three Phase String Inverter 6kW to 20kW are UL 1741 certified and CEC listed. 

About Ginlong Technologies

Ginlong Technologies is the world leading specialist in manufacturing PV and wind grid-tied inverters.  The Solis inverter represents a well-respected, value priced brand from Ginlong Technologies, founded in 2005.  Since achieving UK G83 certificate in 2006, Ginlong Technologies has led the inverter innovations for next generation.  Ginlong solis inverter products have been shipped to over 60 countries.  Ginlong Technologies is one of the world’s largest inverter manufacturers with a long history for distributed generation.  www.ginlong.com

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Mosaic, a leading solar loan financing platform based in California, adds Ginlong Solis PV Inverter on its approved vendor list (AVL).

In the US, the first wave of growth in the residential solar market can be attributed to third-party financing for leases that make solar affordable to the masses.  More recently, a wide range of loan products has been introduced to the market.

However, solar financing has created a barrier for new inverter entrance in the US market.  Several years ago, I was knocking on the door of a top solar financing company, asking for advice how we could be on their AVL list. “Before talking to us, you should have a large installation base and a proven track record in the US. Otherwise, it won’t worth our investment for evaluation”, they said.  But without solar financing, how could we achieve a large installation base?  I was puzzled by this “Chicken and Egg” dilemma.

Then, things begin to happen in a “magic” way since last year.  The top solar leasing companies started their search for the next highest quality inverter with affordable pricing from Asia last year.  DNV GL, a world leading technical advisory firm, expanded to inverter 3rd party qualification testing and evaluation and Ginlong Solis PV inverter is the first evaluated.  Ginlong Solis inverter customers become our “raving fans”, the best salespeople of the company…The next, Ginlong Solis PV inverter is on the Mosaic AVL for financing, letting in a much needed “fresh air” in the industry.

BruceFounded in 2010, Mosaic has gotten good publicity with its crowd-funding model to match investors with solar project developers in the United States.  It is offering a residential solar financing platform now. Mosaic attracts great talents with its unique business model and great potential.  “Mosaic is participating in the highly disruptive space of peer-to-peer lending, which is experiencing tremendous growth in the U.S. right now, and it’s bringing that business model to solar, another high growth industry. Mosaic is therefore at the intersection of two rapidly expanding market opportunities, which bodes well for our success.”, said Bruce Ledesma, who explained his reason for joining Mosaic as COO in 2014. (Former SunPower executive Bruce Ledesma joined Mosaic as COO in 2014.) Last month, former SolarCity CFO Robert D. Kelly is named a member of Mosaic’s Board of Directors. 

The US PV inverter vendor landscape is changing in front of our eyes.  Ginlong Solis is competing on a more leveled competitive playing field now for success.

About Ginlong Technologies

Ginlong Technologies is the world leading specialist in manufacturing PV and wind grid-tied inverters, and small scale wind turbine systems.  Since founded in 2005, Ginlong Technologies has shipped inverter products to over 60 countries.  Ginlong Technologies is one of the world’s largest inverter manufacturers with a long history for distributed generation.

Welcome to visit: website: www.ginlong-usa.comwww.ginlong.com

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